A view from the back of the empty chapel at the Notre Dame Academy catholic all-girls school in Covington, Northern Kentucky.
Spiritual Life At NDA

Retreat Information

Freshmen Retreat: This retreat takes place in October and is focused on Encountering Christ.  The day of reflection includes small groups, witness talks, Lectio Divina, and mass.
Sophomore Retreat: This retreat takes place in November and is led by a group of seniors who spend the first quarter planning and preparing for the retreat.  The retreat focuses on Connecting with Mary by exploring her attributes such as: joy, faithfulness, service and trust.   The day includes a service project, games, reflection time, and prayer with the Sisters of Notre Dame. 
Junior Retreat: This year our juniors selected one of 3 retreats to attend.  Each retreat had a different theme that draws them into reflection.  Retreat #1 is a pilgrimage retreat to various local churches to explore the beauty and spirituality of those places of worship.  Retreat #2  is an Advent Retreat that helps students to prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas.  Retreat #3 is a Lenten Retreat that explores different Lenten practices and traditions. 
Senior Retreats:   Seniors take part in one of 3 retreats that take place at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, OH.