Where to Find Scholarships for College?

Colleges You are Applying To

The #1 thing to do when looking for scholarships is to research Scholarship opportunities from the Colleges you are applying to.

     When to do this? 
    • By September of Senior Year.  Deadlines may be as early as October 1st.  
     Places to look: 
    • Admissions page on school websites
    • Financial Aid page on school websites
    • Specific programs/departments will have pages on website
Big Tip! Websites are great, but be assertive and make phone calls.  Call departments/programs that you are interested in and ask if they have any scholarships for incoming Freshman.  Sometimes websites do not get updated or a new scholarship is created…you never know. 

Outside Scholarships

These are scholarships not offered by colleges. 
Where to Look?

Ask your family/friends if they know of any college scholarship opportunities.

Affording Higher Education is a HUGE online scholarship publication from KHEAA and has a lot of scholarship opportunities for Kentucky students to use at both instate and out-of-state schools! 

Do a Google Search – Type your Career/Major and “College Scholarships”.

Scholarship Tips!