The soccer team huddled together during a timeout at a match at the Notre Dame Academy catholic all-girls school in Covington, Northern Kentucky.

First Steps

If a student at NDA is interested in playing sports at any college level, your first step is to contact your Academic Counselor for assistance with selecting the appropriate Courses approved by the NCAA.  

  • Mrs. Monohan (9th-11th Grade Academic Counselor) –

  • Mrs. Stanley (12th Grade Academic Counselor)

NCAA Eligibility Information Center

All NCAA Division I and Division II student-athletes are required to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  NCAA Division III student-athletes are not required to register with the NCAA.  However, we strongly, strongly recommend that all student-athletes interested in playing collegiate sports register in order to be eligible for Division I or Division II.  

Things can change and you might be recruited by a Division II or Division I school.  In order to receive any athletic scholarship dollars, you must be eligible through the NCAA Eligibility Center.  For this reason, it is wise for all student-athletes considering college athletics to go through this process.

NCAA Eligibility Resources:

  • Fee-Waivers for NCAA Registration Fees are available for students who meet eligibility requirements. 

How to Register with the NCAA:

  • Click on: “Register” 
  • Click on: “Create an Account” 
  • Create an Account with the NCAA and get your NCAA ID Number.
  • Keep a file and be sure to write your ID Number on the file and in several places.
  • Turn in your “NCAA Transcript Release Form” to NDA.
  • Send ACT Scores to the NCAA. How to do this?
    • Go into your ACT Account
    • “Send Scores”
    • Send your highest score to the NCAA by putting in their code is: 9999
  • Once we have your Release Form, NDA can send your “1st Official Transcript” after your junior year.  “1st Official Transcripts” cannot be sent until after junior year.
  • Your Final Transcript will be sent to the NCAA after senior year in mid-June.  Students do not need to request that a Final Transcript be sent. This is automatically done for all students who turn in the NCAA Transcript Release Form referred to above.
  • At the end of June, students should check their NCAA Accounts to ensure they are now shown as “Eligible”. 

NAIA Eligibility Center

NAIA athletics have a separate Eligibility Center.  

NAIA Eligibility Resources: 

  • Fee-Waivers for Registration Fees are available for students who meet eligibility requirements.

To register with the NAIA Eligibility Center: playNAIA

 about Registering with the NCAA or NAIA.