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The Religion Department of Notre Dame Academy assists young women in the development of their
faith and in forming small Christian communities beginning in their freshman year. Students are
encouraged to view Faith as a gift from God that must be nourished and lived out according to the
Gospel values inherent in the Catholic Tradition. 

Not only are students taught Catholic doctrine and the eternal truth found in Sacred Scripture and Tradition, but also they are encouraged to use critical thinking skills regarding their spiritual development and the formation of a moral conscience. A positive relationship with God and with others is accomplished through opportunities for involvement in their school, community and the world, through service opportunities for those in need, provided by Campus Ministry.

Courses (see Curriculum Guide for course descriptions)

Grade 9:  An Introduction to Scripture (Semester Course)
                 Who Is Christ? (Semester Course)
Grade 10:  The Mission of Christ (Semester Course)
                   Christ and the Church (Semester Course)
Grade 11: Catholic Social Teaching (Semester Course)
   Christ and the Sacraments (Semester Course)

Grade 12:  Moral Living in Christ (Semester Course)
                  Vocations (Semester Course)

Co-curricular Opportunities

Interact Club
L.I.F.E. Club
Panda Pals
Peer Ministry

Other Information

 Religion News