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Total amount of financial assistance given by Notre Dame Academy in 2019-20:

All Scholarship Applications Are Due April 15, 2020

Academic Scholarships

Sister Mary Agnetis School Scholarships
Student recipients of these scholarships are those who rank first and second in their class, and two others are voted upon by the faculty. These students are chosen because of their overall attitude toward learning and their academic achievement.

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Business Education Success Team (B.E.S.T) Scholarship
A partial scholarship provided by Corporex, NDA’s B.E.S.T. Partner, is awarded to a student who has worked the hardest, improved the most and put forth the most effort within classes. NDA teachers select the scholarship recipient from students who have been nominated for three consecutive quarters or have been selected as the B.E.S.T. Award recipient for one quarter.

The Gospel of Life Scholarship
The Gospel of Life Foundation was established by Drs. Mick and Nancy Shaughnessy to encourage students to work on behalf of the dignity of human life. This endowment will not only fund scholarships for students who have proven their commitment to life, but will also fund all-school projects that encourage respect for life.

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Sister Mary Shauna Bankemper Scholarship
The Sister Mary Shauna Bankemper Leadership for Excellence Scholarship will be given to a student who has, through dedication, effort, ability and unselfishness, demonstrated excellence in leadership, scholarship and service. The student must be actively engaged in leadership roles in the form of work and involvement in school activities. These can include but not be limited to: Student Council, clubs, theater, athletics, and/or work in the community, including service and church activities.

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St. Julie Billiart Scholarship
St. Julie Billiart Service Scholarship is given to a student who lives Saint Julie's spirit of joyful simplicity, demonstrates concern for the poor and the marginalized, demonstrates service in the community, and works to her potential and has an acceptable conduct record.

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Limited need-based scholarships are available to students through the generosity of several benefactors. These scholarships are awarded to students who exemplify a Christian spirit and live out the mission of Notre Dame Academy. Students need not excel academically at the A or B level, but must display a strong work ethic. They must demonstrate a need for financial tuition assistance. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is required on file in the school office before a student is considered for eligibility. Please note: the FACTS online application MUST be completed by APRIL 15, 2020

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These scholarships include:

      Ruby E. Afterkirk Scholarship
Art and Rita Arlinghaus Scholarship
Sr. Mary Reina Arlinghaus Scholarship
Thomas and Maydie Berger Scholarship
Dr. Carl and Carol Brueggemann Scholarship
Clem and Ann McCabe Buenger Scholarship Grant
Mary Burroughs Scholarship
Sr. Mary Clareta Memorial Scholarship
Elmer B. and Ruth C. Maschinot Cleves Scholarship
Sr. Mary Virginia Ann Cleves Scholarship
Cindy Foltz Culbertson Scholarship Grant
Sara Tepe and Celia Deters Scholarship
amel Otto Scholarship
The Doyle Mother of God Scholarship
John and Eva Goeke Scholarship
Molly Brennan Grosser Memorial Scholarship
Sue Gunkel Scholarship
Guy Hollenkamp Scholarship
Rosemary Kahmann Scholarship
Katherine Lukey Melillo Scholarship
Dr. Robert T. and Jean Schmidt Longshore Scholarship
Annette T. Lucas Urban Education Scholarship
The Milbery Family Scholarship
St. Vincent de Paul Scholarship
Charles and Anna Bauereis Pulsfort Scholarship
Cheryl Rickey Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Robinson Scholarship
Brent and Judith Flick Rouse Scholarship
Maria Schaffstein Scholarship
The Ed and Nancy Schellhaas Family Scholarship
Joe and Ginnie Schmidt Scholarship
Ruth Wehage Schroer Scholarship
Edward and Martha Cleves Schuh Scholarship
Kelsey Ann Sorrell Scholarship
Catherine Northcutt Stratman Scholarship
George and Maureen Thelen Scholarship
Martha Mayer Tonnies Scholarship
Jean and Joe VonHandorf Scholarship
Robert and Loraine VonHandorf Scholarship
Richard A. and Jean Ann Glenn VonHandorf Scholarship
The VonLehman Family Scholarship


Incoming Freshmen Scholarships