Blue Ribbon


Enjoy eating lunch in the Longshore Dining Hall!

  • There are two entrances into the kitchen. Both sides will serve the main entree while the salad bar will only be available through the door on the right. The two lines will also lead to their own checkouts where fingerprints can be used. 
  • The new layout will promote efficiency, so we encourage students to practice respect and patience. Cutting in line will not be acceptable. 
  • Also, students will use the designated spaces to dispose of their trash and/or trays. We ask that students please recycle their cans and bottles.

    The school cafeteria offers lunch to our students Monday-Friday. Each day lunch is served with a vegetable, canned fruit, milk/orange juice. A soup and salad bar is also available. Click on main entree in the calendar above to see the rest of the day's meal.

    PayPams Information

    This is an online service giving parents the opportunity to follow their daughter’s cafeteria accounts and make payments. Parents must enroll students by August 31. By joining PayPams, you will be able to:

    1. Pay Now – Pay for your child’s meals from the convenience of your home or office 24/7.
    2. Account Balance – View your child’s meal account balance.
    3. Automatic Payments – Schedule automatic payments based on account balance.
    4. Email Notification – Receive low balance email reminders.
    5. Cafeteria Purchases – View a report of daily spending and cafeteria purchases.
    6. View Menu – View the menu of your school’s cafeteria.

    To join “PayPams” you will need your daughter’s student/ID number and a current email address. Click the link below to access the PayPams website to set up your Notre Dame Academy cafeteria account.

    If further assistance is needed, Mrs. Karen Brungs, the Cafeteria Business Manager, will be glad to help. Mrs. Brungs can be contacted at 859-292-1856 or email

    Deposits may also be made to the student accounts by either check or cash and placed in an envelope with student name and student/ID number. A box is located in the front school office for these envelopes.

    Charge Policy

    If a student has insufficient funds in their PayPams account to cover the cost of lunch the student will be given a sandwich of our choice and drink in place of items selected for purchase. Students will not be allowed to purchase lunch or a la carte until their account is brought up to a positive balance.

    Our school is not a part of the National Lunch Program. The lunch program we have offers each student the option to purchase 3-5 items each day at a cost of $3.75 or they may purchase food items on an a la carte basis. We strive to offer the students healthy options for their lunches. We do have a lunch assistance program available to families that qualify under certain income guidelines. The information is included in your FACTS paperwork. The qualification for this free or reduced lunch program will be based on the information that you provide in your FACTS application.

    Click the link below to access the PayPams website to monitor and/or manage your Notre Dame Academy cafeteria account.