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Clubs and Organizations

NDA CLUBS 2017-2018

The following Clubs are offered at NDA. All students are encouraged to join at least one club.

Academic Team
Student Moderators: Caitlyn Zieleniewski
Faculty Moderators: Mr. Michael Cerimele, Mr. Bill Stamm
Mission Statement: To encourage enthusiasm for learning in order to enrich the
academic lives of students
Meeting Days: TBD

Big Sisters
Student Moderators: Maddie McCauley, Brooke Ziegler
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Corrie Ziegler
Mission Statement: Big sisters from NDA are matched with Little Sisters from the
Kenton County Boys/Girls Club and the Big Sisters act as mentors to the Little
Meeting Days: Wednesdays

Dance Pandas
Student Moderators: TBD
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Kate Stark
Mission Statement: Dance Pandas is an auditioned group which performs at athletic and artistic events at both NDA and CCH throughout the year. Choreography includes a wide range of dance styles, including pom, jazz, contemporary, and kickline. Auditions are held in the summer each year for the upcoming school year.

Meeting Days: TBD

Drug Free Club
Student Moderators: Bella Ritson, Caroline Jackson, Elena Alcantara, Sophia Ghazala
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Kathy Hildreth
Mission Statement: To affirm, reward, & inspire students to refrain from drug use
by offering rewards, support, & education.
Meeting Days: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

Environmental Club
Student Moderators: Lily Gamel, Katie Rice, Marianne Betancourt
Faculty Moderator: Mr. Bill Stamm, Mrs. Terri Perrino
Mission Statement: To educate and make our school more environmentally
conscientious as well as making NDA a greener, cleaner place.
Meeting Days: 1st Monday of the month

French Club
Student Moderators: Lily Gamel, Caitlyn Zieleniewski
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Mary Ann Greife
Mission Statement: The French Club sponsors activities that promote the French
language and culture for all interested students.
Meeting Days: TBD

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
Student Moderators: Isabel Coomes, Ruthie Franzen, Maddie McCauley
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Hillary Johnson, Mrs. Pat Brennan
Mission Statement: The mission of FBLA is to bring business and education
together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and
career development programs.
Meeting Days: 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7:15 am

Girl Up
Student Moderators: Isabel Coomes, Julia Hughes
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Stacey Bill
Mission Statement: As a United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign,
Girl Up engages girls to take action. When girls are educated, healthy, and safe,
they transform their communities. It is our job to empower each other and
change the world.
Meeting Days: Second Tuesday every month

Girls Athletic Association (GAA)
Student Moderators: Marisa Gamel, Caitlyn Zieleniewski
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Myanna Webster
Mission Statement: GAA's mission is to promote spirit and sisterhood through NDA's athletics. This is done through pep rallies, coming up with new cheers, making posters for big upcoming games, intramurals, and through our Special Olympics service project. GAA is for EVERYONE, athletes and supporters! All are welcome.
Meeting Days: Thursdays after school, twice a month

Interact Club
Student Moderators: Cassidy Craig, Emma Hatter
Faculty Moderator: 
Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote community service and international 
Meeting Days: Last Thursday of the Month

Investment Club
Student Moderator: Haley Woodruff, Katy Leonard
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Hillary Johnson, Mrs. Pat Brennan
Mission Statement: To give NDA students an opportunity to learn about stocks,
how the stock market operates and personal finance concepts.
Meeting Days: Friday mornings @ 7:15 (every other week until Christmas & then
every week)

Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS)
Student Moderators: Haley Planicka, Olivia Ossege, Onali Fernando
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Diane Goldcamp
Mission Statement: To empower females in the STEM fields/compete in those
Meeting Days: Wednesday mornings, once a month

Latin Club
Student Moderators: Annie Gronotte, Megan Bezold, Olivia Bosch, Abby Dressman, Theresa Berling
Faculty Moderator: Mr. Nick Lander
Mission Statement: To encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the
language, literature, and culture of Ancient Rome & Greece & to impart an
understanding of the ways in which ancient culture has affected modern life.
Meeting Days: Thursdays after school, once a month

LIFE Club (Life Is For Everyone)
Student Moderators: Maria Danneman
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Theresa Van Auken, Mrs. Corrie Ziegler
Mission Statement: We strive to support and uphold the dignity of every human
life at every age and stage.
Meeting Days: Tuesdays/Wednesdays after school

Math Club
Student Moderators: Rachel Massie
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Madeline Tucker
Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students
interested or struggling with math to learn, teach, and engage in fun activities.
Meeting Days: TBD

Mock Trial/Trial Team
Student Moderators: Olivia Bosch, Abby Bruns, Julia Hughes
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Hillary Johnson
Mission Statement: The mission is to learn the courtroom and provide an
opportunity for students with the interest of law and to get out of one’s comfort
Meeting Days: TBD

Panda Eating Team
Student Moderators: Flo Daspremont, Lauren Durstock, Emerson Trepel, Maddie Mariani
Faculty Moderator:Mr. Matt Eckerle
Mission Statement: To provide a community for all food enthusiasts to enjoy and explore food.
Meeting Days: Tuesdays, once a month

Panda Pals
Student Moderators: Abbey Kathman, Jordan Burwick
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Theresa Van Auken
Mission Statement: Working together to create an atmosphere of happiness and
friendship with the young women at New Perceptions.
Meeting Days: 1st Monday of the month

Panda Tones
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Kelsey Cummings
Mission Statement: This auditioned chorus is also a class which provides
students performance opportunities at school and community events. Be on the
lookout for auditions/sign-ups in the spring for next year! 
Meeting Days: Tuesdays after school

Physics Club
Student Moderators: Emily Farrell, Jessica Beirl
Faculty Moderator: Mr. Patrick Strickley
Mission Statement: To explore the universe scientifically and to educate ourselves about science topics.
Meeting Days: Thursdays after school

Sign Language Club
Student Moderators: Paige Heimbrock, Kara Brunot, 
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Nancy Stratman
Mission Statement: To support learning of the deaf culture and language through learning basic American Sign Language.
Meeting Days: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

Spanish Club
Student Moderators: Abby Couch, Alenna Fletcher, Emma Hatter, Isabel Coomes, Bridget Wall
Faculty Moderator: Senora Stacey Bill
Mission Statement: To educate and celebrate the Spanish language and
culture through crafts, songs, cooking, and celebrations.
Meeting Days: 1st Tuesday of the month

Speech and Drama Team
Student Moderators: Katherine Horsford, Haley Planicka
Faculty Moderator: Dr. David Jackson, Mrs. Gurrie Frisbie 
Mission Statement: To help young women express themselves through
speech and drama to make a difference in the world.
Meeting Days: Mondays after school

Student Council
Student Moderators: Jessica Bierl, Meghan Greenwell, Maria Danneman, Audrey Muck
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Kimberly Wagner
Mission Statement: Student Council acts as a liaison between the student
body and the administration and faculty at NDA. It also organizes activities for
the entire school such as Catholic Schools Week and Club Orientation. Elected
members represent the student body and plan events accordingly. Student
Council also coordinates spirit stick events to promote school spirit and friendly
competition among grade levels.
Meeting Days: 1st and 3rd Thursdays after school in the Choral Room

Teen Leadership Club for Health & Wellness (TLC)
Student Moderators: Oli Marita
Faculty Moderator: Ms. Erin Maggard, Mrs. Kathy Hildreth
Mission Statement: TLC promotes health and wellness for teens through activities at NDA and support in community
efforts. TLC also plans events for and sponsors Body Peace Week, a week in the spring when NDA focuses on true beauty and the peace that comes when we are comfortable within our bodies.
Meeting Days: Tuesday Mornings @ 7:15

Textiles Club
Student Moderators: Ellen Barlage, Gracyn Wyman
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Pat Brennan
Mission Statement: Showing others dignity by expressing ourselves through our
hands and ideas.
Meeting Days: Thursdays after school

Student Moderator: Jessica Schumacher, Cara Burke
Faculty Moderator: Mrs. Amber Grayson
Mission Statement: The group exists to form a stronger and lasting bond between
Notre Dame in Park Hills and Notre Dame in Uganda. Club activities are
centered around the students from each school learning more about each other.
Meeting Days: 2nd Wednesdays of the month

Club Requirements:

·      At least 1 meeting per month

·      Designated student president/leader

·      Faculty moderator

·      Mission statement

·      Some form of community outreach (service or other activities that take your club outside of NDA)

·      Participate in Club Orientation

As a club, you will create some form of presentation (skit, video, song, etc) to show at Club Orientation as in previous years. You will also need to present your tri-fold poster with pictures and descriptions of your club which will be presented to students in an “open house” on the same day as Club Orientation. This will give students a chance to ask questions.

The school community loves reading about the projects our students undertake. Throughout the year, clubs will be asked to submit an update to Mrs. Grayson about highlights, accomplishments or goals. This information will be used in the Panda Press Weekly and for Board Meetings.

Club Fundraiser/Collection Procedure:
If your club would like to sponsor a fundraiser or collection you will need to take the following steps to set it up.

1) Complete the Fundraiser Form which is submitted to Bridget Price as soon as you know what it is you would like to do.

2) Wait for approval to begin planning. (We are trying to limit to one fundraiser and one item collection a month so as to not overwhelm our students.)

3) Once the fundraiser/collection is complete - please report all totals to Bridget Price as soon as you can so that our records remain up to date.