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Service Requirements

Service remains a very integral part of our curriculum.  In these uncertain times, there is still a great need within our community.  How we go about assisting with those needs may look a little different - but is important none-the-less.  Service Requirements will be explained to the different grade levels during their religion classes in the first few weeks of school.   

We will continue to use MobileServe as our service tracking platform.  Any service work completed at or for a non-profit should be logged into MobileServe. 

2021-2022 Service Requirements

1. Each Grade level has a specific requirement attached to their religion class for service each year.  (See descriptions below) . These hours CANNOT count towards any Honor Society Goals. 

2. All Service work must be completed at a Non-Profit Agency/organization unless prior approval is given by the Service Coordinator or Honor Society Moderator. 

3.  All hours must be logged onto MobileServe beginning May 28, 2021.

4.  All hours must be verified in MobileServe by the date they are due in order to receive credit for those hours.  If they are NOT verified - they will not be accepted. 

5.  All students must have 2 forms of verification: A signature from an authorized adult at the agency or the agency supervisor must verify through the email (sent by Mobile Serve). 

6.  Students are responsible for making sure hours are verified. 

7.  Students are responsible for make sure that it is applied to the correct goal(s) on MobileServe.  It can be applied to multiple Honor Society Hours (when it meets both honor society's criteria). 

8.  Students are responsible for making sure that hours are completed in approved areas and by required dates as specified by each society (i.e. Rho Kappa hours can only be at civic and social studies related service opportunities, Mu Alpha Theta hours can only be for Math related opportunities, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica hours must be through the agencies we specifically serve, which will be presented at meetings). 

9.  Students are responsible for enrolling in the Honor Societies for which they are members so that the goal will show up when entering service work. 

10.  Students are encouraged to log any and all service work which they complete (whether for a specific goal or not).  There are service awards given each year and at the end of the Senior year.  In order to apply for NHS you must have 30 hours of service logged and verified and submitted with the application. 

Freshman Religion Service Requirement:  All Freshmen Participate in a Freshmen Service Day in the fall.

Sophomore Religion Service Requirement: All Sophomores are required to complete 15 hours of service at a non-profit agency by the end of the 3rd quarter.   More specifics will be presented to them at the end of Freshmen year/Beginning of Sophomore year.  Please review the Sophomore Service Requirements for more specific information. 

Junior Religion Service Requirement: All Juniors take part in a weekly CST/Service Program during religion classes/study hall.  They will be placed at an agency where they will go weekly during school beginning in January and ending in May.

Senior Religion Service Requirement: All Seniors are required to complete a project which they design at the the beginning of the year.  This project must be a minimum of 2 hours. More information will be given out at the beginning of their Senior year and must be completed during the school year (August 24-End of the 3rd quarter).  Students are also required to have a Senior Service Interview with Mrs. Price once they have completed their project.

National Honor Society Requirements:

  • 30 verified hours for second year members by 5/1/22
  • 25 verified hours for first year members by 5/1/22
  • Second year members may only count 5 hours of service from the previous summer
  • First year members may only count hours from the date of their induction forward. 
  • All NDA service guidelines apply to NHS

Rho Kappa Requirements:

  • 8 verified hours of service to be completed between June 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022.
  • The service must be conducted at/for agencies that are sponsored by either federal, state or local government affiliates, or in public institutions. 
  • 1st year members may only count service hours from the date of their induction forward
  • All NDA service guidelines apply to Rho Kappa 

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica Requirements:

  • 4 verified hours to be completed each year of membership by May 1. 
  • The service must be conducted through the service project decided by the SHH which will be communicated to members the first meeting of the academic year. 
  • 1st year members may only count hours from the date of their induction forward. 
  • All NDA service guidelines apply to SHH. 

Mu Alpha Theta

  • 8 verified hours to be completed each year of membership by May 1. 
  • 1st year members may only count hours from the date of their induction forward
  • Service hours must be Math-related. 
  • All NDA Service guidelines apply to Mu Alpha Theta