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COVID-19 Information

Our students and parents have many questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, now available for people 12 years old and older. We realize that choosing to vaccinate or not is a very personal decision that is best met with careful consideration and education. To support our families as they make this important decision, NDA recently brought together a team of NDA alumnae in the medical field to educate our community about the COVID-19 vaccine at a Parent Information Session. 

In line with our mission of educating women to make a difference in the world, Dr. Shelly Voet of Pediatric Associates began our Parent Information Session with a presentation addressing the following goals:
  • Discuss COVID-19 disease
  • Discuss COVID-19 in teens
  • Discuss the mRNA vaccine now available for teens 12-15 years
  • Discuss benefits, risks, contraindications and precautions with COVID-19 vaccination

If you were unable to attend NDA's Parent Information Session regarding the COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents, you can find Dr. Voet's presentation HERE

You can also find vaccination information here from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information | Vaccines: What You Need to Know

According to our
physician's panel, many pediatrician offices are, or will soon be offering the COVID-19 vaccine in their offices for eligible patients. Local pharmacies are offering it as well. If you are vaccinated at a pharmacy, please send your vaccination information to your primary care physician. You can find more information regarding vaccinating children 12+ HERE

We sincerely thank the following NDA alumnae who served on our physicians panel at our Parent Information Session sharing their knowledge and expertise:

Dr. Shelly Finn Voet '87 - Pediatric Associates, Pediatrics
Dr. Amanda Fox Dropic '97 - Primary Pediatrics, Pediatrics 
Dr. Ann Reed Macke '85 - Pediatrics of Florence, Pediatrics
Dr. Michelle Dixon Eckerle '94 - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Pediatrics; Attending Physician, Emergency Dept; Asst Professor, UC Dept of Pediatrics
Dr. Allison Foertsch Bartlett '03 - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist, Division of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Immune Deficiency

COVID-19 Information from the NDA Nurse's Office

How to Protect Yourself and Others - COVID-19

COVID-19 Relief Fund for NDA Families
If you would like to support the COVID-19 Relief Fund OR if you are an NDA family in need of financial assistance due to the global pandemic, CLICK HERE to learn more about NDA's COVD-19 Relief Fund. 

NDA COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies
NDA COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

NDA Athletics
All students who test positive for COVID-19 must be cleared for progression back to activity by an approved health care provider (MD/DO) and MUST complete the KHSAA COVID-19 Return to Play Form before returning to participation in a physical education class or sports at NDA.

Diocesan Correspondence
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