Parent Accounts for PowerSchool Unified Classroom

For Parents of new students:
Over the summer PowerSchool introduced some options that created a new method for parents to setup their PowerSchool Unified Classroom accounts. These options, however, rely on some information that we only now are collecting through our new Final Forms. I have had a number of requests from parents eager to create their parent accounts for PowerSchool Unified Classroom in order to monitor their daughter’s progress. Rather than wait until we have all the data loaded from Final Forms, I will be reaching out to each of you and sending you the information you need to create a parent account. I will be responding first to those who have already emailed or left me a voice message. 

For Parents of Returning Students:
I have received several emails from parents who previously had used the PowerSchool Mobile apps who are now experiencing problems. Please be advised that the PowerSchool apps found in the Apple App Store or Google Play were designed for schools that have only the core of PowerSchool but that did not add Unified Classroom to provide parents more information about their daughter’s progress. Using the old apps with schools like NDA that have adopted Unified Classroom is not supported by Powerschool and may lead to errors showing up in the app and navigation errors. PowerSchool Unified Classroom is entirely web based and requires no app. Simply sign into your PowerSchool Unified Classroom Powerschool ID parent account at PowerSchool Unified Classroom will  automatically detect what type of device you are using and redraw its screens to best fit your device. Therefore, no app is needed to view PowerSchool Unified Classroom as a parent. If you do not yet have an account for Unified Classroom and wish to create one, please contact me. You will need the same information I am sending to new parents for now. 

At some point we will have all the information needed to use the new account creation tools that I hope will better automate the process of creating parent accounts. I will be back in touch when that becomes available.


Raymond Schlosser
Registrar/Data Systems Manager