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Fruit Sale Information

2017 Fruit Sale

Students: The online order form is located here:  2017 NDA Fruit Sale Order Form

Sign up to work the fruit sale at NDA here: Fruit Sale Work Sign Ups 

  • There are two hour shifts for you and your daughter to sign up.

The dates and times for the weekend are:

  • Thursday   11/30   time 3:30pm-5:30pm - Work Shift - Assemble Boxes

The fruit trucks arrive, unloading, mixing fruit: 

  • Friday   12/1   Approximate time 11 am (tbd)
Work distributing orders:
  • Saturday 12/2 10:00 -3:30
  • Sunday   12/3  10:30-3:30 (or until finished)
Pick up times:  
  • Saturday 12/2   10:00a-3:30p 
  • Sunday   12/3   10:30a-1:30p (or until finished)

Parents to help count money:

  • Thursday    12/07  7:00a- 9:00a and 9:00a - 11:00a

All the money is due on this Friday and needs to be counted.  We need parents to help with this important job.

Please make arrangements to get the fruit during the weekend hours.  The fruit needs to be stored in a cool place (not a car trunk) and not by a furnace.  The fruit should be delivered to customers that weekend after checking it for bad pieces. There is no school on Friday, 12/8 but I will be here to exchange or sell extra fruit. All exchanges need to be done by the 12/08.  I am here in the morning to sell, exchange, and replace fruit.  I am not here after school.

Remember that I will replace any bad fruit even one bad piece.  Bring the bad fruit in a plastic bag and a clean bag to take the good fruit home. All money is due 12/07.  Checks are to be made out to Notre Dame Academy.

The fruit contract stated that you were to sell at least 12 boxes of fruit each year you play a sport or pay $20 for each box not sold.  This will be added to the amount owed for the fruit sale.

Thank you for all your help with this weekend.

For more detailed information, instructions on how to process orders and prices click here: 2017 NDA Fruit Sale 

Janice Schmidt

Thank you for your support!