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Athletic Information and Forms


June 25, 2021 through July 11, 2021

There are 2 Requirements to Participate in Athletics at NDA

1. The Athletic Participation Fee, and 

2. The Athletic - Coupon Book Fundraiser 

1. 2021-22 Athletic Participation Fee Structure

   All Athletic Participation Fees will be processed through FACTS after rosters are set

  • General Athletic Participation Fee: $250  Minimum requirement for a single season/student athlete
  • Sibling Fee: $125 for single season for each additional sibling 
  • Second Sport Fee: $75 per student athlete


In addition to the Athletic Participation Fee (above) each athlete at must participate in the Coupon Book Fundraiser. 

You will now have 3 options to choose from to fulfill the coupon book fundraiser requirement. You select the option that fits your needs in Final Forms explained below. You will have the opportunity to:

1) Sell 18 books for one daughter, 14 books for a second daughter and 8 for a third daughter participating in athletics
2) Pay a fundraising fee and sell half (9) of the books
3) Pay a fundraising fee and sell no books

For one daughter,  the selling book option would be to sell 18 books (@ $450). The half option would be a $140 fundraiser fee plus selling 9 books ($225+140 = $365 total). The full fundraising fee and selling no books for one daughter would be a $280 fundraising fee.
For a second daughter, the selling book option would be to sell 14 books. The half option would be a $110 fundraising fee and selling 7 books. The no selling book option would be a fundraising fee of $220. 

For a third daughter, the selling book option would be to sell 8 books. The half option would be a $65 fundraising fee and selling 4 books. The no selling book option would be a fundraising fee of $130.

Select an option for each child participating in Athletics in Final Forms by  September 1, 2021. If no option is selected, or a student chooses to participate in athletics after September 1, 2021, the student will owe the “Sell No Books” cost. 

If you are unsure whether your daughter plans to participate in athletics,  you may want to select the “Sell No Books” options so that books are not produced for you and you are not held financially responsible for those printed books. 

Athletic Information & Forms


Final Forms Parent Sign Up Instructions 

All athletes must register online with Final Forms and upload their KHSAA Athletic Participation Physical Exam Form, filled out and signed by a doctor, to Final Forms- all 6 pages. The St. Elizabeth Authorization of Health Information Form must be completed and turned into the Athletic Trainer, Melissa Fields. 

1. The 6 page KHSAA physical must be completed and uploaded prior to the first participation in tryouts or practice.  

2. The Covid -19 Waiver Form must also be signed and uploaded to Final Forms prior to tryouts or first practice

To upload the physical to Final Forms, log into Final Forms, go to the "My Students" screen and then click on the folder icon. 

Click on the links below to download the KHSAA Physical Form - Upload to Final Forms once filled out and signed by a doctor

Click on the link below to download the Covid-19 Waiver Form - Sign and upload this form to Final Forms in the same folder in Final Forms.

Click on the links below to download the St. Elizabeth Authorization of Health Information Form - Turn into Athletic Trainer

Athletic Parent Orientation Powerpoint

Athlete Physical Exams

St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine will be offering  pre-participation physical examinations for the 2019-2020 school year during the months of June and July. Athletes will schedule a private physical throughout the summer, primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Physicals will be offered at a $25.00 cost throughout the year. Physicals will be held at our Edgewood and Florence offices. Please note that physicals will be offered throughout the year, however with such a high volume of physicals during this period, summer appointments will fill quickly. Please download the consent form and KHSAA physical and bring to your appointment.

  • 830 Thomas More Parkway, Suite 101, Edgewood, KY 41017 (New Location)
  • 10095 Investment Way, Suite 1, Florence, KY 41042 (across from Sports of All Sorts)

Free Impact Testing

St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine Center is excited to be able to offer ImPact baseline neuropsychological testing as a free service to the athletes at the local high school we currently provide sports medicine care. In the event that an athlete should sustain a concussion, the baseline test can be compared to post injury neuropsychological test results.

The ImPact baseline testing will be offered free at Notre Dame Academy after fall sports tryout

Sports Medicine at NDA

Letter to Parents

St Elizabeth Sports Medicine provides full time athletic training to NDA. The athletic trainer plays an integral part in the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of various athletic injuries. They also work in close contact with team physicians and physical therapist to ensure the athletes are returned to sports quickly and safely. If an athlete has an injury that you feel needs attention please contact:

Melissa Fields Certified Athletic Trainer
St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine
Notre Dame Academy

NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Information