Blue Ribbon

iPad 1:1 Initiative

The launch of NDA’s 1:1 iPad Initiative in 2012 was a significant moment in our school’s history as the first school in Northern Kentucky to fully integrate one-to-one computing in the high school classroom. The use of personal mobile devices has expanded different types of learning experiences in the classroom and has allowed NDA to stay current with educational innovations that promote student achievement and success. NDA's 1:1 iPad Program has allowed NDA to excel in educational innovations that promote student achievement and success. This program has also allowed us great flexibility to change with the needs of our students at a moment's notice. 

The goal of the iPad program is to enhance the classroom experience, not to replace it. The iPads are used in conjunction with traditional classroom activities. Most textbooks are now digital and able to be accessed on the iPad. This is also the tool that will be used for much of the standardized testing that takes place. 
We do require that the iPad is purchased through NDA. We do provide an Apple Pencil and protective case with keyboard as part of the iPad package. The iPads are enrolled in our Mobile Device Management system, which allows the students to access NDA’s own App store to download any apps needed for school, even at home. There are some restrictions put on the iPad to make sure they are used appropriately for school. The students will not have access to iMessage or the traditional App Store on this device. Once the student graduates or transfers, we will release the device from our management system and the student will keep the device and use it as they like. Until the student graduates, all repair work is done through the school, and we will handle the repair with Apple. Our current iPad package includes 4 years of warranty protection on the iPad.