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iPad 1:1 Initiative

2018-2019 iPad Purchasing Information

The 2018-19 school year will mark Notre Dame Academy's seventh full year of the 1:1 iPad Initiative. This program has allowed NDA to stay current with educational innovations that promote student achievement and success. We believe this initiative fully supports our mission to educate young women to make a difference in our world. The iPad is used in a variety of ways that fully engage our students in the learning process. Parents are urged to check this site often for information regarding the 1:1 iPad Initiative. We look forward to sharing this remarkable innovation with you and your daughters.

How to Order Your Daughter's iPad:

NDA asks that each incoming freshman or transfer student purchase their iPads through the school.  The iPads will be configured in time for your daughter's June iPad Setup meeting and ready for her to take at that time. 

Student Starter Suite

NDA pays for student starter suite apps through Apple's Volume Purchasing Progam

Benefits of an iPad ‚Äč

The iPad is a very portable, interactive device that allows teachers and students to access hundreds of educational applications, many of them free, to support teaching and learning.  It also provides numerous applications for documentation, organization, collaboration, problem solving and creativity. Please see FAQs for additional information on the benefits of the iPad.


  • The school will provide the choice of either a plain case or the Apple Keyboard to accompany their iPad.

Security/Internet Access

NDA continues to update the school network to enhance security and access control, thus enhancing security and increasing bandwidth and ultimately improving connectivity.  This will allow for the use of multiple devices in classrooms throughout the building as well as the control of student access to the internet. Access will be given only to sites appropriate to an Catholic educational setting and students will be expected to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy as outlined in the Student Handbook.