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Notre Dame's technology courses are designed to prepare students to use various technology skills as life long learners. The required freshman class introduces the students to the basic hardware and software available to them at Notre Dame Academy so that they can obtain its maximum benefits. The use of technology has become increasingly integrated into the curriculum at Notre Dame and students have many opportunities to use what they learn in the technology program in other classes. The junior and senior technology and business electives are designed to be pre-professional training providing a solid foundation for college classes and exposure to those fields as possible career choices. Throughout the technology and business program, students study the moral and ethical choices facing our society in the proper and safe use of technology at home, school and when working in the business world.


Technology and Communication

Accounting 1

Accounting 2 Honors

Publications 1

Publications 2 Honors

Personal Finance

Innovative Technology - SWAT

Media Production

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Investment Club 


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