Blue Ribbon

Exam Schedule

Important Exam Reminders:

• Check with your teachers for the first period exams to see if you need to report at 7:30 a.m. or 8 a.m.  
• You need to be prompt to your exams.  You can be charged a $25 fee for a missed exam.
• If you have a study hall that is scheduled last on the exam schedule, you may leave for the day.  
• Exams will count as 25% of your 4th quarter grade.
• Eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest for your exams.
• Lockers will need to be cleaned out during the extra times given for homeroom.  It is recommended that you start that cleaning process before that allotted time – maybe after school a few days in the upcoming weeks before exams.  All items must be removed from your locker no later than May 30th.  Items left in your locker after that date will be discarded.