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Service Requirements

We are pleased to announce that we have again partnered with the Intellivol Company to provide each student with an online service tracking webpage, x2VOL.  Students will be trained how to use this website and will be expected to log all service work according to the guidelines below.  This will be a resource that will track their hours each year they are NDA.  It will allow for students to not only record their hours, but find opportunities and sign up to volunteer.  They can easily create a service resume to help with application processes, particularly for college.  

Service Guidelines:  The following guidelines apply to ALL service work required by grade level or Honor Societies.  

1. All Service work must be logged within 2 weeks of the date they performed the service work.  After 2 weeks - students will only receive half credit for the hours submitted.  This will help with the verification of service work.  

2. All service hours must be verified by the agency/person coordinating the service event.  This must happen through 

3. Students must include an email and phone number for the verifier listed. 

4. Students are responsible for following up on the verification of the hours listed.   

5. May 1st is the deadline for all service hours for Honor Societies (unless otherwise noted). 

Grade Level Details: 

Freshmen fulfill their service requirement by participating in the Freshman Service Retreat in the fall.

Sophomores are required to complete a total of 15 hours of service at a local non-profit organization. A list of approved agencies and further requirements will be explained to students within the first two weeks of school. 

Agency Contact List.doc

Juniors participate in a year round Service Program during the school day once a week. During the first semester students will be diving into Catholic Social Teaching through a hands on, team taught course.  At the beginning of the second semester, students will be placed at a local agency where they report once a week throughout the second semester in order to establish a relationship with this agency. Students forego one of their study halls each week in order to perform their service.

Seniors  will be choosing a project on their own to complete by the beginning of the 4th quarter.  They will then create a presentation about their service experience at NDA, particularly in their senior year and how service work fits into their Moral lives/vocation. More details will be given to the seniors during the first week of school.  

Service Opportunities

Below are some great service opportunities! Please see how you can help out!  Great way to fill in those missing/last minute service hours before the end of the year!

Dress for Success Cincinnati - help is needed sorting donations, helping with administrative work etc.  To sign up contact Debbie Wesseler at 513-322-1792 or