Blue Ribbon

Recently Deceased Alumnae

“Goodbye, my dear friend in God. Have courage, great courage! Easier said than done, isn’t it? But with the help of grace it is not impossible. I love you dearly in God, in whom our hearts are united.” - St. Julie Billiart


Mary Leising Little 1952

Carol Bauereis Arstingstall 1948

Shirley Mae Berling Thompson 1951

Sr. Mary Rosanne Boh 1961

Jeanne Banker Dorning 1947

Loretta Mai Olding 1946

Phyllis Wahoff VonHolle 1945

Rose Marie Bader Hermann 1948

Sr. Rosemarie Pohlman, SNDdeN 1971

Dorothy May Andejeski Schneider 1957

Eileen Kathman Harper 1949

Kathleen McClorey Hothaus 1948

Charlotte Hafele Wiechman 1949

Dorothy Oberle Wietmarschen 1946

Joan Dirheimer Vocke 1960

Ruth Overwein Sorrell 1946

Diane Blades Storch 1958

Doris Voskuhl Pettit 1946

Joan Purdy Osterman 1939

Sr. Mary Paulla Hanneken, SND 1952

Patricia Kelley Hennigan 1956

Shelly Goetz Duncan 1986

Suzanne Pfetzer Misleh 1951

Lois Pyatt Moore 1951

Mary Lou Thompson Boerger 1954

A complete listing of all of Notre Dame Academy's deceased alumnae (through early March 2020) can be found HERE