Blue Ribbon

Recently Deceased Alumnae

“Goodbye, my dear friend in God. Have courage, great courage! Easier said than done, isn’t it? But with the help of grace it is not impossible. I love you dearly in God, in whom our hearts are united.” - St. Julie Billiart


Angela Wulfeck Wesselman 1951

Dollas Bogenschutz Krummen 1946

JoAnn Ostendorf Ernst 1956 

Sharon Hook 1971

Kathy Cleves Hegge 1975

Mildred Kendall Mueller 1940

Ruth Schrivogel Howard 1956

Helen Hegener Kolde 1953 

Mary Louise McGinnis Halpin 1943 

Martha Cleves Schuh 1947

Pauline Hudson Fischer 1951

Betty Jane Coleman Schneider 1956

Barbara Byrne Martinet 1967

Virginia Sanders Wehrman 1955

Charlotte Kentrup Alexander 1962

Sister Mary Julaine Middendorf, SND 1958 

Rose Mary Mueller Woody 1939

Anna Beth Hehl Collett 1946 

Rosemary Geiman Wietholter 1957 

Patricia Kinsley Benzing 1951 

Mary Fisher Wigger 1943 

Patricia Ryan Schmidt 1951

Mary Ellen Siles 1957 

Sharon Rymarquis VonBokern 1972

Dolores Neltner Dauer 1949

Jane Fangman 1954

Patti Moser Walters 1967

Barbara Hehman 1955

Rita Edwards 1950

Kathy Beechem 1968

Norma Mary Meyer 1947 

Beverly Hayden 1949 

Denise Hinkel Cenedella 1979

Kathy Schneider Scott 1986

Mary Ann Haverbusch Brown 1950 

Marian Krebs Pedicone 1945

Wanita Schultz Grillot 1942

Helen Ryan Bruggeman 1944 

Mary Lee Hickey Brauer 1953 

Naomi Mondiek 1945

Donna Wagner Relinger 1970

Eileen Vogepohl Hebbeler 1950 

Ethel Rae Russell 1961

Mary Margaret Trimpe 1948 

Susan Summe Cooper 1967

Patricia Bornhorst Schulte 1964

Mary Lou Schmidt Ringo 1950

Janice McHale 1954

Joyce Buhr Staverman 1955

Mary Ann Atwood Droege 1946

Doretta Klug Moore 1953 

Lois Fischer Reed 1949

Patricia Abeln Robinson 1974

A complete listing of all of Notre Dame Academy's deceased alumnae (through February 2019) can be found HERE