Blue Ribbon

Panda Newbies

A Panda Newbie comes in as one or one of few...
And then becomes one of many, it is true

Greetings Panda Newbie!!!
We’re so excited that you have made the decision to attend Notre Dame Academy!!! You may be wondering what is a “Panda Newbie?” A “Panda Newbie” is anyone who is enrolling at NDA and would like to get a head start on meeting other incoming freshmen. It can be overwhelming to attend a school where you don’t know a lot of people, and Notre Dame desires to make your transition to high school smooth.  The Admissions Office hosts several events during the summer to help incoming freshmen get to know each other.  The Student Council organizes a fun and informative New Student Orientation program, and our counselors meet individually with every freshman during the first weeks of the fall semester to answer any questions and discuss any issues that may arise.  Everyone at NDA wants you to feel comfortable and welcome at school.

Freshmen will receive information about Panda Newbie events at the personal conferences in the spring.