Blue Ribbon

Freshman Curriculum


  • Theology
  • English (Honors or College Preparatory)
  • Mathematics (Algebra II Honors, Algebra I Honors, Algebra I College Preparatory)
  • Science (Honors or College Preparatory)
  • Physical Education (One semester)
  • Health (One semester)
  • Technical Applications (Information Technology) (One Semester)
  • World Geography (One semester)
  • Electives  (Latin l, French l, Spanish I, Academic Enhancement *, Art 1**) one credit courses
  • Electives (Band, Science Research – teacher approval required, see curriculum guide) one/half credit courses

* Academic Enhancement is a course offered through the Student Support Services Department.  It focuses on strengthening math, English, and reading skills.  It also helps students improve organizational, note-taking, and test-taking strategies.  Students who take Academic Enhancement as freshmen cannot take a World Language class or Art I as freshmen.  Click HERE for more information about our Academic Enhancement class and our Student Services Department.

**Art I is open to all students who wish to take it to fulfill their Fine Arts requirement.  Art I can be taken in any academic year from freshman through senior.  Students who take Art I as freshmen should have a serious interest in art and a desire to progress through four years of the art curriculum.  Students should understand that taking art every year will impact their schedule every year, resulting in fewer options for other elective courses.  Students who take Art I as freshmen cannot take Academic Enhancement or a World Language class as freshmen.

Conferences are held in the spring with new students, their parent(s) and members of our Academic Advising staff to discuss curriculum and co-curricular opportunities. Students will get an overview of the freshman schedule. These conferences are held in February and/or March.

An orientation day is sponsored for the freshmen before their first day of classes to ensure a smooth transition to high school.