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Restoring your iPad

From within iTunes

  1. Right click the iPad and select 'Transfer purchases'. (This will ensure you have all your Apps copied to your computer.)‚Äč
  2. Right click the iPad and select "Restore from Back up"
  3. Select which device you which to back-up form and then follow the prompts.
    • Note the date and time you are doing the backup as well as the name of your iPad to make it easy to restore.
    • Note the account name you are using with ITunes (Under Settings -> Store -> Here you will find the account name)

From your new iPad

  1. Plug iPad into the computer you used to create the backup.
  2. From within iTunes, right click the iPad and select 'Restore from Backup'
  3. Select the backup by the iPad name and then ensure you are restoring from the backup you just created.
  4. Leave the iPad plugged in and let the process complete. This can take a while and your iPad may restart more than once.
  5. After this has completed, you will need to add the apps back to your iPad. Select them to reinstall. (If you haven't got the apps on your computer, you are able to log into the iTunes store using the original account name you previously noted. You are then able to re-download the Apps. Don't worry if it looks like you need to pay for them again. The Account has a record of the apps you have purchased and it will not charge you to download them again.)
  6. Everything should be restored the way you had it before, with the exception of some iBooks. You may need to send these to your device again.