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iPad Tips and Tricks

Take an iPad screenshot

You can take a screenshot on your iPad by pressing Home and the Sleep/Wake button together. The screen will flash and you'll hear a click, indicating that a photo has been taken. Your screen shots are saved automatically in your Photos gallery.​

Soft Reset

To perform a soft reset—hold the top (power) button for a few seconds. Your iPad will restart. To force quit an application, just hold the home button by itself in a similar fashion.


To perform a reset—which you'll find extremely useful in cases when the system freezes, hold the top (power) and bottom front (home) button for a few seconds. Your iPad will restart.​

iPad is flat and won't charge

If your iPad battery is completely flat, it can take a while for the red battery symbol to appear when you plug it in to charge. Just be patient, it will appear.

Make an iPad backup and transfer purchases

To make sure the data on your iPad is properly backed up you can force iTunes to back it up. When you connect your iPad to your Mac or PC, open up iTunes and right-click on your iPad in the Devices list and select Transfer purchases. Once purchases have been transferred right-click your iPad in devices again and select back-up.

Create app folders

To create an app folder tap and hold on an app until it starts to shake, then drag the app over another icon and release. Your iPad will create a folder with both the apps in it. The folder will be named according to the category of the apps it contains, but you can rename it as you like.

Access all running apps

Double-clicking the Home button shows you all running apps in a bar along the bottom of the screen. To switch to a running app just tap on it . Just swipe the screen downwards to remove this bar.

Orientation Lock or Mute?

To set the button above the volume controls (right side) to either screen lock or mute go to Settings > General to choose between Lock Rotation and Mute.

Stop asking to join Wi-Fi networks

If you are tired of getting messages asking if you'd like to join a Wi- Fi network all the time then head to Settings, Wi-Fi and turn off Ask to Join Networks. Don't worry, you can attempt to join any network from this same screen, it just won't bug you constantly when you enter a wireless network zone.

Passcode Denied… DELETE ALL!

If you're carrying around sensitive data, you can now enable a feature that will erase all the data on the device if someone inputs the incorrect passcode 10 times. Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Erase Data. (Be careful with this one.)

Control iPad notifications

To control message pop up and sounds on the iPad go to Settings >Notifications, and configure which alerts (and accompanying sounds) will appear.

Turn battery percentage off

If you would like to turn of the battery percentage off, go to Settings, General, Usage and you can turn it off here.

Use an Apple keyboard

Missing a real keyboard? Any Apple Wireless Keyboard will work with the iPad. In fact, your iPad will work with any Bluetooth keyboard. Some iPad cases have a keyboard built in, which can be handy.

Connect to an HD TV (iPad 2 and 3 Only)

You can connect the iPad 2 or 3 to your HD television using Apple's new Digital AV Adapter (which connects from your 30-pin Dock adaptor to a HDMI port) or a plain old Apple VGA Adapter. Both are available from the Apple Store. The iPad supports video mirroring, so your entire Home screen will appear on the TV, not just the videos you play.

AirPlay: Stream movies, photos and music

Whenever you see the AirPlay icon on your iPad it means you can stream whatever media you're viewing to an Apple TV ($129), which is connected to your TV. All you need to do is tap the AirPlay icon (which looks like a rectangle with a triangle in it) and it starts playing automatically onto your big screen, no cables needed.

Avoid under-powered USB docks

The iPad does not charge when you connect it to some USB docks or even certain ports on some notebooks. Instead, plug in to a high power USB port (check your computer's specifications, or use a powered USB dock). On some PCs, USB ports on the front of the computer are lower power, so you will need to plug into one on the back.

Restrict your Spotlight searches

Swipe left on the Home screen to reveal the Spotlight search. By default it searches everything, including songs in your iPod, podcasts, apps and events. To restrict the areas it searches, look in Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

Use multiple iTunes accounts on one computer

In some families, you may find it useful to keep all your accounts seperate. iTunes by default only has one account, however you are able to run multiple accounts on the same computer. The directions fr Windows and Mac differ in the buttons pressed.

Mac users: Hold down the Option key while you open iTunes.
Windows users: Hold down the Shift key while you open iTunes.

Select Create Library and then give your new account a name and select Save.

You will now have a new account to use whenever you wish.

*Remember: To select a different account from now on, you will need to hold down the key as listed above while opening iTunes.