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Counseling and Student Services

Department Mission Statement: 

Committed to charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Counseling and Student Services Department supports students in the areas of academic growth, emotional/social wellness, and college/career readiness.  We seek to reduce learning barriers, partner with students to develop life skills, and collaborate with family and community resources to nurture healthy, confident young women.     

Please feel free to contact any of us using the contact information below.        

School Counselors


                Mrs. Chrissy Monohan                                               Ms. Kelly Burgei

Academic Counselor: Freshmen, Soph, Juniors               Academic Counselor: Seniors

  Email: Ph: (859) 292-1833               Email: Ph: (859) 292-1830


                     Mrs. Erin Maggard                              Mrs. Kathy Hildreth 

                      Personal Counselor                                            Personal Counselor

   Email:  Ph: (859) 292-1834 Email:  Ph: (859) 292-1825

Academic Support Services: 


                      Ms. Jenifer Ericson                                              Ms. Maria Hothem

                  Intervention Specialist                                 Academic Enhancement Teacher

                     Email:                                       Email:

Records Coordinator:


                    Mrs. Janice Schmidt    

     Records Coordinator / Alumnae Transcripts  Ph: (859) 292-1831     

Alumnae Information:

  • Alumnae Transcript Requests: Instructions for NDA Alumnae needing an Official NDA Transcript.
  • Mental Health Counseling on College Campus':  Most colleges offer free counseling services for full-time students.  Here is a list of the Counseling Services at common colleges our graduates attend.  
    • If you or someone you know is in need of support or assistance, please refer to this list for phone numbers, locations, office hours, and additional information about Counseling Services offered by various colleges.  

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We look forward to working with our students and parents! Thank you!
Erin is 292-1834
Erin is 292-1834